Working with local talent: Asheville Headshot session with Gee

September 1, 2023

Working with local talent: Asheville Headshot session with Gee

I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my photography and videography, whether watching online courses, studying another photographer's work, or just getting out and trying something new. Being in a new area, I've started reaching out to local model groups to find new people to work with and try out new ideas or equipment.

Woman posing on a bench wearing a black outfit with red boots and a hat for new headshot photos.

Social media is excellent for seeing artists' work, but there is an illusion that comes with it. It is well-known that we only see the best that someone is willing to share. The failed attempts while working with a new median or equipment are kept far from people's screens. I recently had a session with a local model where I was testing out a new lighting modifier.

Young african american woman wearing a black top and a black hat with red underbrim posing for a headshot photo in Downtown Asheville. Headshot of Gee

Gee was a great model and patient while I dealt with equipment issues on our shoot. Working with new equipment can be fun while everything is working, but it quickly becomes frustrating and mildly embarrassing when the unexpected happens.

Woman sitting on a bench getting new headshot photos taken while wearing a black outfit with a hat. Medium close up of an african american woman with blonde hair wearing a hat in Asheville, NC

Much like many of my sessions, I take the time to learn more about the person in front of my lens. Gee has a lifetime of experience modeling, starting at an early age. Along with being a fantastic model that I would recommend to any photographer for their next project, she is also an entrepreneur. We used a few spots around the Grove Arcade in Asheville for this session.

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