What to Wear to a Headshot Session: Tips for a Perfect Look

January 8, 2024

What to Wear to a Headshot Session: Tips for a Perfect Look

Woman standing in front of a lake for a headshot photo session with a tree line in the background reflecting onto the lake.

Headshot photography is a great way to showcase your personal brand, whether you are a business professional, actor, model, or artist. Your headshot is an essential part of your professional profile and crucial to make a good impression. One of the most important aspects of your headshot is your outfit. What you wear can make or break your headshot, so choosing the proper clothing and accessories that complement your personality, style, and brand is essential.

This blog post will discuss tips and tricks for choosing the perfect outfit for your headshot session. We will cover everything from color and style to accessories and grooming so you can feel confident and look your best in your headshot.

Choose the Right Colors

Blonde haired woman in a gray business coat posing for a headshot outside.

The color of your outfit can have a significant impact on your headshot. Certain colors can enhance your skin tone, while others can make you look washed out or dull. For example, if you have fair skin, you may want to avoid wearing white or pastel colors, as they can make you look paler. Instead, try wearing colors that complement your skin tone, such as jewel tones or deeper shades of blue, green, or purple.

If you are still determining which colors will look best on you, try experimenting with different shades before your headshot session. Take some selfies in various lighting conditions, and see which colors make your skin tone look vibrant and radiant.

Tattooed male in a light blue shirt and tan pants sitting for a headshot session in a park area in downtown Asheville, NC.

Choose Classic Styles

Young male model posing for a photo in front of a brick building in Asheville, NC

When choosing your outfit for a headshot session, it is best to stick to classic styles that will stay in fashion. Avoid trendy or flashy clothing that can make your headshot look dated in a few years. Instead, opt for traditional styles that emphasize your features and personality.

For example, a tailored suit or blazer is an excellent choice for a business professional or executive. At the same time, a simple dress or blouse and skirt can look elegant and professional for women. Men can also wear a collared shirt or sweater with a jacket or blazer for a polished look.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can add personality and style to your headshot, but it is essential to choose them wisely. Avoid wearing too many accessories that can distract from your face or make your headshot look cluttered. Instead, choose a few key pieces that complement your outfit and personality.

For example, a statement necklace or earrings can add a pop of color or sparkle to your headshot, while a tie or pocket square can add a touch of elegance to a suit or blazer. Avoid wearing hats, sunglasses, or anything that covers your face, as it can make it difficult for viewers to connect with you.

Grooming is Key

Older white male in a dark suit posing in front of a tan wall for a headshot session.

Your grooming is just as important as your outfit for a headshot session. Prepare your hair, skin, and nails before your session. Get a haircut or trim any split ends, and make sure your hair is styled to complement your face shape.

For your skin, exfoliate and moisturize to create a smooth and radiant complexion. Drink plenty of water and avoid foods or drinks that can make your skin look dull or break out.

For your nails, make sure they are clean and trimmed, and avoid any bold or bright nail polish colors that can draw attention away from your face.


In conclusion, what you wear to a headshot session can make a big difference in the outcome of your headshot. Choose colors that complement your skin tone, styles that emphasize your personality, and accessories that add a touch of elegance or style. Remember to spend some time grooming and preparing yourself before your session, as it can significantly impact your final look. With these tips and tricks, you can feel confident and look your best in your headshot.

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