Asheville Real Estate Brilliance: Professional Headshots

February 15, 2024

Asheville Real Estate Brilliance: Professional Headshots

With every photo shoot, I notice that headshot photography is a way for people to see themselves in a different light; there is probably a photo pun somewhere. For some, it's updating photos with a new haircut cut; for others, it's celebrating a milestone in personal growth. Whatever the cause for updating professional headshots of yourself, I always strive to craft an image that reflects the best part of yourself you want to show the world.

Man in dark blue suit standing in front of a white background

Christian recently requested new headshots for his real estate marketing material and social media needs. After meeting with Christian at his office and talking about his goals for the photo shoot, I discovered that it had been several years since his last portrait session. For all my clients, I suggest updating your portraits once a year.

I set up a mobile studio in a spare office the morning of Christian's shoot. Capturing images on a white background was a must so that his pictures could match the rest of the realtor's portraits on a wall. After a few wardrobe changes, we ventured downtown to get some lifestyle images and use downtown Asheville as a backdrop. Christian was a champ for braving the cold and windy weather that had set in the night before.

Man in a green button down shirt and blue jeans standing in front of a wooden wallAsheville Real Estate Agent in front of two historic building in downtown Asheville, NC

As with all my sessions, I load all the files from the session onto a hard drive and make sure they are backed up in multiple places before starting the editing process. The first round of selections is similar to how someone will view your headshot; it's all about the first impression. I'm looking for anything distracting. Did you blink, or do you have the dreaded double chin? After going through the first round, I will go through all the selected images again and check on more technical things like did the camera not trigger a flash, so now the lighting is a little off. The final pass before I start editing a photo is checking the resolution, ensuring that I'm only working with the best quality images from your headshot session. Once I've narrowed your pictures to the best, I can finally color-correct, crop, and remove distracting elements. After doing a base edit, I will load the photos to a private gallery for you to select which images you would like to be fully retouched. With these notes, I will do a detailed edit, removing blemishes, flyaway hairs, lent, and sometimes fixing a shirt that has come untucked. Once done, I refresh your private gallery with the edited photos, which you can download and use anywhere.

Asheville Real Estate Agent Standing in front of the historic Jackson Building in Downtown Asheville

Contact me today if you need a new headshot, marketing material, or branding photos for your social accounts. Being an Asheville headshot photographer has allowed me to meet many talented people working in the area, and I look forward to working and meeting more.

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